• Award & Honor

    Here is some award and Hackathon winner I won before.

    Apple WWDC Scholarship 2016


    350 / Worldwide, Attended Apple WWDC16.

    I have a nice selfie with Tim Cook again!!!


    350 / Worldwide, Attended Apple WWDC15.

    I have a nice selfie with Tim Cook!!!

    Best Overall of AT&T Mobile App Hackathon - Los Angeles(June.2016)

    2016 June

    VR Live




    Create SamaHope App to address live donating to increase surgeries funded.

    #Hackathon Winner

    Top 10 popular music worldwide map by using iTunes API, mysql and mapdata

    Winner of Trojan Hacks 14Fall

    #Hackathon Winner

    Bronze Medal, Altera Innovate Asia 2013 Design Contest

    #Competition Winner, Top 20

    Project: Real-time Cartoon Work.

    2nd prize in 2013 China “Challenge Cup” Contest

    #Competition Winner

    Project: Smart Home System based on BCI

    Winner of Microsoft USC vs UCLA - Open Hack 2015

    #Competition Winner

    Project: Cross-Post and language translation Automation Extension 

    2013 China National Scholarship



    ZL 2012 2 0618962.X

    Real-time Special Effect Video Processor Based on FPGA.

  • Projects

    Side Projects!


    help people better plan their trip and discover all the amazing and wonderful places along the trip that you may miss.

    Plan your trip and help you find all the intersting and wonderful places that you might want to visit during your trip. Also we can share the experience using OneNote.

    •  Bing Search
    •  OneNote
    •  Foursquare API 
    •  Apple iOS (Map Kit and so on)


    3D Augment Reality Photo Booth

    (iOS App)

    My First Augment Reality App!!!

    • Used vuforia and API for Unity to produce 3D avatar, cross-platform compiled via Unity and Xcode. 
    • You can place avatar in 3D augmented reality on any surface, select Instagram effects and poses to share.


    Virtual Reality Live Streaming Application






    Explore the world through someone else's eyes.

    UEyeVR provides fully-immersive virtual reality content, including both live streaming content and uploaded content. Viewable with or without cardboard and oculus.

    While there are many ways to discover events and places, we realized there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live Virtual Reality video can take you someplace and show you around.

    • Getting internet access via SMS can help you out of disaster.
    • Real-time Weather Monitoring and Predict Map
    • Twitter sentiment Anaylsis and #hashtag heat Monitoring
    • APIs: IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Twilio, Twitter API, Apache Spark, Twitter Bootstrap, node.js, Express, weather_api, leaflet, esri_leaflet, geocoding_api


    Help you to organize your email inbox in your way

    It can use extracted information to create or add dashboard and filter inbox email with the dash. And you can choose which email you care so that you won't get too much email notification and never miss important email.

    • Divided your inbox into 1st and 2nd by importance and personal information
    • Create Dashboard to filter your own inbox by email content, person or social, billing, university and so on. 
    • Automatically extract important contact to organize the inbox
    • Allow specific alert from Dashboard, never missing important email!
    • Developed a running iOS game written by Swift. 
    • Used SKPhysicsBody, physicsWorld, SKAction, SKLabelNode and tex- ture atlas to achieve features like running, jumping, rolling, flying and getting coins. 

    USC GamePipe Laboratory

    Scrapyard is an action-packed brawler in which you control animals in mech suits and engage in battle with up three of your friends. 

    • Ported Scrapyard into the arcade machine. 
    • Programmer for fighting game made in the Unreal Development Kit. 
    • Implement component-based gameplay systems like modular weapons, movement

    Aug.2014 - Dec.2014

    Class project. Ranked No.1 among more than 20 groups, test score: 110/100

    Implement core functions in processes and threads, device drivers, virtual file system, virtual memory system. Multi-thread OS coding like system API calls, CPU scheduling, address mapping and translation.


    Debug with GDB.



    Social Media Connector of Facebook,Twitter and Weibo,Microsoft openhack2015


    Used nodejs, HTML5/CSS3, BingTranslate, Ajax, their APIs to built website to sync and update social media status, drag&drop moments to share from one to others,auto-translate status.



    Self-adjusted quadcopter

    Class Final Project. The coolest project Professor Ong ever saw

    Real-time Cartoon Work

    Bronze Medal, Innovate Asia 2013

    • Implemented image processing algorithms to turn high quality video into cartoon style on FPGA
    • Patent:Kai Lu and Yin Lin,“Real-time Special  Effect Video Processor Based on FPGA”(ZL201220618962.X)

    Mobile Receipt(iOS App)

    Aug.2014 - Nov.2014

    • Used tesseract OCR to scan image of receipt and convert into text. 
    • Extracted product information from text and built data table.
    • Visualized receipt information and used Paypal API to pay for the receipt. 

    System for Detecting Cardiac Murmurs

    Project in Cognition and Intelligent Computing Research Institute.

    Sep.2013 -- June.2014

    • Designed Computer-Aided Diagnosis system. 
    • Extract feature and calculate from heart signal and perform binary classification of sample as normal or murmur. 
    • Train SVM to describe optimized decision line.

    BCI controlled mechanical arms


    Undergraduate Thesis. 

    Project in Cognition and Intelligent Computing Research Institute.

    Won 2nd prize in 2013 “Challenge Cup” Academic and Technology Contest

    • Simulated EEG signal preprocess in prototype software tool after signal collection via Brain-Computer-Interface.
    • Involved in brain wave experimental research on human being and test performance of algorithm and equipment
    • Assisted in developing self-learning infrared controller device to utilize EMG/EEG to control appliance.

    ECG Analysis based on IoT

    Real-time ECG visualization and analysis 


    ECG Analysis based on IoT

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